Jigsaw puzzles app for iPad


Joonem Puzzle App is a cool, modern upgrade of the classic jigsaw puzzles so many of us love to piece together. Joonem allows you to transform your own images into puzzles and share them with an entire community of puzzle lovers. For the first time ever, you can play puzzles in real time with friends and even order a real life version of the puzzle you created in the App. Plus, we feature tons of additional gorgeous puzzles in the Premium Puzzles section that you can browse and play.

We created Joonem because we LOVE puzzles, and wanted to make the entire experience more social, using mobile devices and tablets. Designed to be easy to use, stylish, and engaging – play different puzzles every day and never get bored. Even if you are not in the same room, you can still enjoy quality time together assembling piece after piece of any puzzle you make or choose. Make it fun, or make it competitive! Everyone wins with this stimulating mental exercise.

Joonem is for all ages – kids, teens, adults, seniors. Our large selection of puzzles are taken from some of the most inspirational and funky images we could find. Everything from nature’s wonders and landmarks to pop-icons and graffiti art. No other app allows you to create, share, play in real time, and own a printed version of your puzzle like Joonem. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate the great people, moments, and things that we love in life.

Come see what all the excitement is about! Play puzzles on Joonem Puzzle App for nonstop entertainment.

The best things about Joonem Puzzle App:

  • Create and buy one-of-a-kind puzzles from your images.
  • Piece together a puzzle with others in real time.
  • Pause a game and resume play from another device.
  • Customize your background skin.
  • Advance tools for beautiful game experience.
  • Realtime game feed.


Let’s play! More puzzles, more friends, more fun.

Joonem is brought you by Parajola, creating games that make you smile every day.